Thursday, June 10, 2010

Luggage Tag Catalog

(no.22 sold out)

(click picture for larger image)

how to or order ,please read carefully

1. MINIMUM luggage tags order is 3 tags

2. Choose the fabric according the numbers given in each square

3. If there is more than 1 address do give me the other addresses, and tell me which fabric goes with which address, do Shorten the name or address if possible. like my name Erni Fadzila Saharudin i shortened it to Erni F.S

erni fadzila, 123 tmn sri acres,11900 penang, 012-4340000 - fabric 3

anas iswari, 124 tmn sri cahaya,12345 perak,012-455000 - fabric 4

izzul ziyyad,123 tmn sri cahaya,12345 perak,01233333 -fabric 30

the font i will be using is like given above.

4. email me all the details to with the subject :Luggage Tags

5. price for 3 luggage tags are RM18 excluding postage

6. postage is via pos ekspress,RM4

7. do give me the delivery address and hp number along with ur email

8. full payment required before ur order are process ( i will give my ac number after ur order are confirmed by me)

9. any inquiries email me at


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Anonymous said...

Hi, would like to get your email address because the one that you provided up there is not working. Thanks.