Monday, October 12, 2009

*coffe coaster*

im selling coaster for RM20/4 pieces, say no more to coffee stain or rings on your desk!

It is washable

made from 100% imported cotton

stylish too!

Oriental Blue

Pink Autumn

Brown Garden

or choose ur fabric from my coaster fabric collection,custom made!

Autumn Blue

Autumn Red

Autumn Pink

Autumn Brown

Red Garden

Blue Garden

i am also selling it for 1 piece

RM3/a piece

for more emquiries,questions or orders dont hesitate to email me

price excluding postage

Chomel Nursing Cover

DSLR strap slipcover!RM15 only!


Elyn said...

time kasih dilla!! len kali bagi la lagi muahahahah

Zura said...


dilla maaflah lambat betul post entry ni....I have fun using it now that I found it! :D

here's the entry :

thanks a bunch dear, take care!

Krissy said...

Great savvy coasters!