Monday, October 11, 2010

New Stuff in KedaiChomel :)

i am happy to announce another product of KedaiChomel,

Chomel Nursing Poncho

Nursing Poncho,a new product from Chomel,

boleh digayakan dengan pelbagai gaya mengikut keselesaan,lebar 44x44 inci.

fully coverd back to front :)

visit KedaiChomel for more infos about Nursing Poncho

on another note:

custom luggage tags,instead of address u can also print it like this :) , cheeky eh? nak order, boleh pi SINI.

belt for ur kids, asked by a customer,to make a belt just like Ziyyad's, tapi belt ni version lebih kemas compared to Ziyyad's. panjang dalam 21 inches,nak order for ur kids?email je saya di :)

harga RM10 a piece,promo price ends on 31st October 2010,place ur order now!

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