Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fabric Lanyard

Hang ur work id in style with Chomel Fabric Lanyard

these are for sell,for RM6.50 per piece

all Chomel fabric lanyard will have metal clasp and handphone strap

length : approximately 96 cm

Rusty Rosie

My Rose Garden

Choc Mud (SOLD,sorry..want exactly like this?email me)

Fabric Lanyard with matching ID holder

sorry pasal saya takde ID yang vertical, tapi kalau sapa-sape work ID dia horizontal macam kad pelajar saya tu,just let me know k :)

Secret Garden in Blue *reserved*

Pretty in Paisley

Pink Ribbons

Choc Mud II *reserved*

first come first serve basis

postage is RM4

all of the flower embellishment are permanently embedded and not a brooch,well if u want it as a brooch,do email me k :)


comel kan?kan? lanyard tu..

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ee said...

x ada tutorial ke nk buat lanyard id ni

Charlotte said...

May i know if these are still available please?